4 reasons to become an investor

The reasons why people want to try on the title of investor are very different. Someone is simply interested in this world of numbers, percentages, and profits. Someone got into it quite by accident — although such cases are rather exceptions. In the overwhelming majority, the motives of those who stand in front of the gates of the investment world are hidden deep — they make newcomers persist in their desire to conquer this very world. What is it worth investing in?
Why invest in the cannabis market? what is special? what will I get?

You may have many questions and we are happy to answer them!
In our video, we explain in detail why it is still worth starting today, and thanks to what you will become successful tomorrow!

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Do not even doubt that the most important reason people become investors is the desire to have a lot of money. Of course, you can do some other business, especially since now in almost all countries entrepreneurship is supported and welcomed in every possible way.

But your own business is troublesome and risky, and an investor’s career allows you to avoid the lion’s share of these troubles. Risks — yes, they are present, but the investment business still does not imply such backbreaking work as the start of a business requires.
Yes, there are people among investors who jump up at 6 am every weekday to get ready for work. These people are just waiting for that very Day, which will become their bonus day, blessing, the biggest win. This does not mean that the luck will not go to those who get up later. This means that each investor determines the rules and the pace of making money for himself.

Money itself is of interest to a small circle of people. Most are still interested in what they can give. The more money, the more luxurious, says the lifestyle that you can afford.

Snacks for a hundred dollars or wine for three hundred pounds travel without borders with stops in the most luxurious and expensive hotels, the opportunity to teach children in the most prestigious schools and universities in the world — it’s worth changing your life.

However, for some, the very fact of a lifestyle change is important — for example, to get the right to visit an exhibition in a gallery, where they used to only serve drinks. Conduct pointless small talk there, as if they had always lived like this. Indeed, more and more often the right to be at elite events is determined not only and not so much by the birthright as by the availability of funds in the bank account.

Success as a symbol

For some, the prestige of engaging in investment investments is already important in itself. Many financiers like to be reputed to be high-flying birds, important and necessary. Relatives and friends will call you for advice on obtaining a mortgage, urgent refinancing of loans, investments in precious metals or currencies, augmentation of money, etc.

Nothing that your job involves investing in housing in Egypt, investing in Norwegian forestry, or lending to South African corporations. The main thing is that your work is related to finance and generates income. So you understand this. This means that you are assured of authority.

Love of money as an art

Some people know they will work with money from childhood. Yes, this is rare — but such people are immediately visible. At the initial stage, they process information faster, they have better presentations and, in general, they feel more comfortable at the sight of office furniture and tables with calculations. Moreover, many of these investors are self-taught, who came to business from another profession or even from school.

When they grow up, they do not cease to be noticeable. They are comfortable among all these charts and scoreboards, they smile, looking at the situation on the trading floors. They are here at home, in their habitat, the laws of the financial market are the laws of their lives, and therefore they always know how to find a way out of any, even the most unpleasant situation. Do you also feel like a fish in water, barely hearing reports from economic “fronts”? Perhaps you should also become an investor?